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The Austin Texas Wine Society is a social movement of wine enthusiasts throughout the Central Texas Region. 


Our goal is to provide a platform for the appreciation of fine wines, food, and social networking events to individuals living in the Austin Texas area.  


Our society is dedicated to wine appreciation and wine education, furthering our belief that wine is essential to all social gatherings. We created The Austin Texas Wine Society for anyone who loves wine and wants to attend wine tasting events, wine social events, wine education events, and wine VIP themed parties.  


Our goal is to educate individuals about the uniqueness of all wines as well as spread the word about any and all wine events in the Austin Texas area. 


The Austin Texas Wine Society believes that everyone can enjoy wine, whether you are an expert or naivest, we all can enjoy the different styles of wine under one society.  


The Austin Texas Wine Society caters to our members by holding a wide range of events that employ a different experience for our members to choose from. 


Wine Pairings: 

The Austin Texas Wine Society loves to explore how different wines pair with certain foods. This can be frustrating at times, but our wine experts are here to educate you on all the different pairings that wine and food have to offer.   


Wine Education: 

The Austin Texas Wine Society loves to educate our members on all types of wine. Whether you want to know the history of wine, the different regions of wine, wine styles, and what makes each bottle unique, our experts are here to help and guide you through the process. 


Wine Social Networking Events: 

This is the backbone of what The Austin Texas Wine Society is all about. Whether you want to network or make new friends our social networking events provide you a fun place to socialize while you enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.     


VIP themed parties: 

The Austin Texas Wine Society believes that the day to day grind can be stressful. Sometimes you just need to get away from reality. Our themed parties are away to escape from the harsh realities of the world and enjoy an amazing experience. Whether it’s a scene from a movie or a theme from history, we love to explore all the fun possibilities of creating a special night for our members. 


So why join The Austin Texas Wine Society?


We believe that drinking wine in moderation can be an absolute joy! The best part about our society is that we are a group of wine enthusiasts who are seeking to connect with one another. Simply put, our society is for people who truly enjoy fine wine and appreciate great company. 


If that’s you, we invite you to be a part of our movement and join us under the house of The Austin Texas Wine Society.  

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